Monday, August 25, 2008

Vote For Us

Please get over to the Doco site and place your votes for us on this year's Big Push.

We will be your best mates, if you do.

Even Harrison says so, he's well stoked on the edit, and has the best all over tan in UK skateboarding. Click here.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

demo's and tour's

Here's a photo of Adam wood from ifive distribution holding a 40+lb carp (what is it about skateboarding and fishing, do they go hand in hand?? personally i love a spot of fishing) anyway, ifive are the proud distributors of the harmony, check them out at

Ifive organised a demo last weekend with skaters from some of the ifive teams, skaters in attendance were myself, Owen Hopkins, Ali Drummond, Sean Smith, Joe Knobes, Pete King and Dan Cates, the demo was held at Revolution skatepark in Broadstairs in Kent which celebrated it's 10th birthday last year and is well worth checking out.

Big thankyou's to revolution skatepark and ifive for hooking it up, a good time was had by all involved.

On another tip, Document is out with this years Big Push entries, check it out and vote harmony.

Here's a team photo from the first day of the trip.

Big Up yourselves, Peace DJ Shit Taste

Friday, August 15, 2008

Nike's in white satin.

Sam Barratt sent me this snappy shot of Danijel and Tom having a hug under a bridge. Hopefully they are all having fun and skating there little polished Nike socks off.

Keep your eyes peeled for future evidence in Document, but mores to the point I believe the Big Push issue is out today, so they tell me.

Go buy it, for the mag and for the free DVD with 5 of the toppest UK squiddards doing what they do against the odds of England's continual and pointless precipitation.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sibbarp and sausages.

Nicked this from Percy, as the Nike SB Uk fellas are in Malmo and Jugga is playing host to them all. Hope the weather is treating them better then its treating us right now.

Wish I was there.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Burma or Bust

Recently I was in Paris doing kickfips with the Skateface crew. While at Le Dome I stumbled upon this photo opportunity of an anti Beijing Olympics poster.

As everyone will know on Friday 08/08/2008 it was the official opening day of the Olympic games. A side from that (and Russia deciding to start a war) it was also the 20 year anniversary of the day the Burmese stood up for themselves only to be massacred by its on government.

I have strong feelings about Burma, the situation there and the lack of media coverage it receives. So I thought I would use the power at my disposal to get the message out there, cheers Mondon. What has china got to do with Burma? China is the only country to have any real influence on the Junta in getting them to stop the atrocities on the Burmese people, and China does nothing. In fact it supports the Burmese Junta financially so they can carry on with there genocide.

To find out about Burma in at nutshell follow the link -

Spread the word - Free Burma

This is my first post after being given the keys to The Harmony inter web HQ, I hope its not the last..

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Green Gills

Ali Drummond at the splendid Crawley Skatepark

Sidewalk stomping....

Joe Gavin continues his onslaught of uk media with this epic interview in Sidewalk Magazine.

Check it for scumstashes and switch crook combo's.

Good work Gavso.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bellows and bikes from our man, Dan.


Joe Gavin's 25th birthday was yesterday and he celebrated with an excellent bbq!

For all those that missed it, Splodge from note has put up a little celebration of Joe's video parts! check it out here.

Happy 25th (and a day), We love you.