Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Down by the River's Edge

It's here at last - River's Edge is out now at all good skateboard shops. For the credit crunching price of £6, you get the DVD and 5 wonderful stickers all wrapped up and ready to go.Click HERE for the trailer. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tony Da Santa

This post is either really late or very early for xmas. The clip got hidden under all the mince pies and port. A festive treat brought to you by the boys at NOTE.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Nicki Clarke

Joe has had a haircut and is nicely displayed in his very own section of the Carhartt Riders site. CLICKETY

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rocky III

Following on from the Berrics and Square One , SLAM have put together a giant game of S.K.A.T.E outside the shop. 32 entrants with one being our very own Jak Pietryga. Might have his work cut out against old Bainsy Boy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gone Walker-bouts

Our beloved mancunian photoman Jim Walker has a new website(from which we nicked the Joe pic). Go check it out HERE.

Also if you are quick, there is till time to catch Joe performing 'trick of the week' over at the Crossfire site.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Drummond does VW

If Battle of The Berric's had an ugly third removed second cousin, then this would be it. Behold, Battle of The VW.

Click here to see Ali battle it out against Steve Murphy in a car park close to the river's edge.

A Harmonious New Year to all.