Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hold Tight Walthamstow

Our London Wonder Jak Pietryga has just finished up his upcoming Sidewalk Interview as well as giving us news that he will have a full part in the Hold Tight London DVD, due at Easter

CLICK for the trailer and read below for the details -

'Being released alongside HTLVOL12 on DVD in Easter... The previous 11 edits remixed into a full length video with full parts from Shaun Witherup, John Tanner, Jak Pietryga, Scott Howes, Joe Sivell as well alongside the rest of London. Plenty of Bonuses footage and a special extended HTLVOL12 with twist to be announced soon.'

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


the venue; 'under the stairs' in Edinburgh kindly hosted the rivers edge scottish premier when aws mindfield failed to show! yay for the harmony.

alex irvine made an appearance and couldn't contain his excitement.

harmony friend and rivers edge guest rider mikey o'shea enjoying a wee dram pre-nightclub!

Pumping Iron

10 Tricks With Tyrone from Lomax on Vimeo.

Even in these times of below freezing temps,Ty-Dog is out there ripping it up.
Click HERE for more from Manchester's winter hotspot ,the Pumpcage.

Round Two

This week Ali battles it out against Josh Cox.

Click here for the Flash and here for the Quicktime.

In other news, River's Edge is out now in all good SOS's. Even Tony's mate Steve makes an appearance.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

doom and gloom

Wednesdays update has nothing at all to do with skateboarding but is however an attempt to cheer up all those people feeling the effect of this great depression sweeping our fair land and so a tribute to one of the most entertaining websites out there youtube. Picked out of my favourites, here's Africanboy with the Lidl song!