Saturday, August 23, 2008

demo's and tour's

Here's a photo of Adam wood from ifive distribution holding a 40+lb carp (what is it about skateboarding and fishing, do they go hand in hand?? personally i love a spot of fishing) anyway, ifive are the proud distributors of the harmony, check them out at

Ifive organised a demo last weekend with skaters from some of the ifive teams, skaters in attendance were myself, Owen Hopkins, Ali Drummond, Sean Smith, Joe Knobes, Pete King and Dan Cates, the demo was held at Revolution skatepark in Broadstairs in Kent which celebrated it's 10th birthday last year and is well worth checking out.

Big thankyou's to revolution skatepark and ifive for hooking it up, a good time was had by all involved.

On another tip, Document is out with this years Big Push entries, check it out and vote harmony.

Here's a team photo from the first day of the trip.

Big Up yourselves, Peace DJ Shit Taste


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