Monday, August 11, 2008

Burma or Bust

Recently I was in Paris doing kickfips with the Skateface crew. While at Le Dome I stumbled upon this photo opportunity of an anti Beijing Olympics poster.

As everyone will know on Friday 08/08/2008 it was the official opening day of the Olympic games. A side from that (and Russia deciding to start a war) it was also the 20 year anniversary of the day the Burmese stood up for themselves only to be massacred by its on government.

I have strong feelings about Burma, the situation there and the lack of media coverage it receives. So I thought I would use the power at my disposal to get the message out there, cheers Mondon. What has china got to do with Burma? China is the only country to have any real influence on the Junta in getting them to stop the atrocities on the Burmese people, and China does nothing. In fact it supports the Burmese Junta financially so they can carry on with there genocide.

To find out about Burma in at nutshell follow the link -

Spread the word - Free Burma

This is my first post after being given the keys to The Harmony inter web HQ, I hope its not the last..


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