Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hello, I'll take a 1000.

New pro boards are in the hiz-ouse. These little gems come in at 7.75" / 7.825" / 8", If thats a little bit girthy for you then we still stock the team models starting at 7.5".

With all the boards we do for our riders these are the models they ACTUALLY ride, so if you want to frontside wallride like Eddie, Nollie like Joe and pretty much do anything like Danijel then these are the sticks to bless your feets with.

Any trade enquiries please contact Ifive Distribution. Get them while there hotter than the sun.

Also if there is one premiere you are going to make this year, I would make it to the Manchester premiere of 'Wolfstadt' which is scheduled for the 18th of this very month. It is going to go through the fucking roof. Contact Paul at Note for all the latest gossip on its location.


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