Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Big things for the little man.

Right, enough galavanting and rumouring, the good ship Harmony is seeing some changes, some good, some not so.

We'll start with the bad news as it was with tear in my eye that earlier this month I recieved a phone call from long time Harmony pro, Paul 'Man' Silvester, who has sadly decided to part these shores and swim on back over to the fine vessel that is Unabomber.

"It is with a heavy heart that I wave goodbye, I wish to pass on the mantel, and no longer bear the heavy millstone of riding a personalised plank. I wish the team all the best as I return to my celestial home of 'Unabomber' to help fellow bombers Grove and Frank, man their good ship. We have had some great times and I have made some good friends but the call of the balaclava still haunts me."

We thank Paul for all his time and love, and as I said, so comes some good news. Pauls leaving request was that it was young master Belvedere who would take on the responabilty of a skateboard bearing his name, and well we heartily agreed. Eddie has been straight killing it for years, and his 'Wolfstadt' part will be testament to this move ,as you will all see within the month.

Congrats to Eddie who was so excited he took a bottle of absinthe into the Jacuzzi and hasn't been seen since. Check out the new models available soon, and hassle your local shop to have Eddie come and sign it in blood.

Paul will still have a full farewell part in 'Wolfstadt' so watch out for that, and perhaps they might be more team news of yet. The video will reveal all like a victorian illusionist.

Photo courtesty of Jim 'Misery loves company' Walker.


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