Monday, July 30, 2007

Wolfstadt looms.

Back to a positive note for Monday morning, the premieres are being sorted as we speak for le Stadt....its been a long and very rocky road getting to this point, especially for a sketchy home made company with no budget to speak of. So don't expect dollies/cranes, stuntmen standin's and body doubles in this humble production. The whole reason we made this video is try and and make it something the team and ourselves could actually be proud of. A film about people and their skateboards, not about stunts and hucking there meat across, down and around with an apparent lack of rhyme or reason.

Everyone who features on the video has tried there uptmost to make it an ultra violet eyeball experience and we hope it truly noshes up your boggins when you see it.

Viddy well my friends, and keep them open for the dates.


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