Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Bigfoot Diaries....3rd and final part.

Well tour almost over..... Its been really nice to hook up with the Harmony crew again, cant wait for the next mission. Got some skating yetserday, good NYC spot hope the footy turns out good (Tnx Russletta for helping me film in the shitty rainy weather). I just setup a new board and actually my first pro board (super nervous but i think Dave was more nervous than me) took it for a roll outside Daves house and it feels .................. diffrent!!
But one more session and it will be the best board iv ever skated on.

Check him out! what the f**k am i wearing?? Anyway hope i see u al in near future....
Merry X mas and Happy new year to al my uk frends!!

One love



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