Monday, December 11, 2006

The Bigfoot Diaries....

Flew in thursday night, the plane was fully loaded with drunk irish soccer addicts. Dave picked me up and we drove back to coleshester. Day 2 it raind almost the whole day. got dry around 4 hooked up with rossletta and went for a filming mission, mr Vezztaurante showed up and we got some stuff done. Day 3 Waiting for Adamovski modonovic to pick us up, late as usual!!! Begin the hell drive to manchester around 9.30 and it took frickin ages. 5 hours, 1 Big Mac meal, some stinkin candy and a few dr pepper later we arrive in manchester. Hell yeah!

Driving around town to find NOTE, called up Joe for directions about 10 times. When we got to the shop eddie turns up looking better than ever!!! steeze! minute after leeds finest Tom H walks into the shop, he made it to Manchester, ACE! We had a little video premiere on the new unabomber flick, super good! i like. after that we went for some full english breakfast, maby the 8-9th in my whole life. psycked! after that it was DEMO TIME!!! more of that will come up soon!




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