Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bloody and Rusting.....

Right now we are working on the second issue of our 'Blood and Rust' Zine. Issue 2 is a photo issue and features work of peoples from all over.

A mutal friend introduced me to this fellas work and I was into it, especially this photo, it may be a little old but captures everything skateboarding is and always will be to us at The Harmony ( the photo is actually of a young streamline Gorm, taken by his Andrew Hopper ), so check out the rest of Gorm's picturegraphes here. Theres some rad stuff so check it out, also you should know that Gorm also has an encyclopedic knowledge of amazing spots in this nations capital so bribe him with booze when you next see him.

Look out for 'Blood and Rust 2', free in shops soon, or when Percy sends me a higher res pic of that Frosty picture.


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