Thursday, February 22, 2007

Burnley 'Killers' Weekend

Right you hellspawn, listen hard and fast.

The full collection of Harmony numbskulls are rolling on Burnley this weekend.....then to The Ripped on Sunday we hope.

Should be a fricking blast, with loads of prizes for best Rodeo, best invert and sweeper, and a chinese burn battle to be instigated by Belvedere after 6 or so cans. Tyreman reckons he ain't going.....well he's a gay then.

Mondon said he's going to beni-hana the hip/driveway, so get along and cheer that prick on. Remember is come dress either in formal dinner attire or as a Jaywick get special select prizes. Eddie is coming as a luchador or as a member of the further reports just yet. If you really can't be arsed to go look out for a screaming hand of an edit coming soon.



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