Friday, March 09, 2007

The art drops....the hippy hops.

I hassled Sam ( The Harmony's third member of the errant 'Art Drop' and nobody calls him Hippy. ) for ages to come up with some inciteful art appreciation/critique for the blog I don't know whether he was too into it. I think I hassle him alot, hes an amazing inciteful fella, creative as all hell and knows a shit load more than me about Dinosaur Jr. but possibly not Neil Young.

"So, I've got a skate photo... not really earth shattering but pretty fucking appropriate.

Thanks to Silent for that. I saw Frenchs bit a while back, and started to think about 5 favourite artistic types...
5 isn't very many, so here's the first 10 I wrote down..

Ralph Steadman
Maurizio Cattelan
Geoff Mcfetridge
Michael Leon
David Shrigley
Chris Ware
Mike Giant
Piet Mondrian
Herbert Baglione

I could tell you 5 artists I hate, but I'm trying to be less negative, so that'll do.

Peace and love"


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