Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The knives....

As an over affectionate paraody of skate crews and gangs like the Z-boys, Dirt Swan and of course the Osaka Daggers, recently myself and a pals have been recapturing the youthfulness of rolling with a small crew, and so out of an evening of boredom 'The Hythe Knives' were born. as a sort of. semi ironic piss take of a bunch 30 somethings still loving skateboarding.

Well what started as a bit of piss take has now become a bit of an obsession, so much so it given us a guise to do all sorts of stupid self indulgent crap, like edit video parts to 'Danzig'.

Anyway lets promote gang culture, by emailing me your crews at:


I want to build a nice collection for the blog, so send some shit photos or a logo made on 'Paintspa', I mean surely they can't be a lilly livered as us?


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