Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Reading is good.

As well being a full time member of the legendary 'Uncle John and Whitelock', and the owner of some wizard feet, Jamie has found the time to scribe a wee book:

"'My Llama for a Dromedary' is a collaborative book by Scottish writer/musician Jamie Bolland and German visual artist Inga Streich, both of which live and work in Glasgow.

On the basis of fictional and real characters and stories 'My Llama for a Dromedary' is a journey through fragments of secular everyday life.

The constant switch between the two authors - and consequently their viewpoints as well as their adopted forms of expression in text and image - takes shape as a suggestive juxtaposition that encourages individual interpretation."

Nice work Jimmie, and please visit the Inga's site, and try and get hold of copy if your inclined.


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