Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hot dogs and cold ones.

With Sweden getting to grips with the winter, heres a couple of flicks from the recentish, 'Steppeside Massacre 3'. For those who don't know Pontus has pretty much heralded the DIY scene in Malmo by building the gnarliest mini bowl interlinking concrete monster you have ever seen, its fucking rad and its what its all about really, Bros, barbecues, concrete and cold ones. They had a little party, played the new movie about Jason Jessee and just got down with it. End of story.

Anyway Danijel 'The Jugga' Todorovic is off to Miami with the UK Nike heads so look out for that soon as well as the new video project by Pontus, which will redefine the over used term 'epic'.

Damn these photo make me want a frankfurter.


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