Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Check out the latest Sidewalk Sunday Service mail out below, then go HERE for the Wolfstadt Silver Screen article. After that go tell all your friends and enemy's to buy our DVD. Everyone needs a good deed for the day ?

"The above sequence is taken from The Harmonys first ever outing to Valencia, way back in February 2005. The team at the time consisted of Paul Silvester, Danny Jack, Adam Howe, Jak Pietryga, Eddie Belvedere and Danijel Todorovic, with Frank Stevens tagging along as an official guest. Before been picked up by The Harmony, Danijel had been keeping himself under the radar, so to speak, riding for UK based outfit Minute up until there demise at the end of 2004. Having had only a handful of photos in Sidewalk and little video footage outside of Sweden, his name was recognisable, though his skating was still relatively unknown. When the article on this trip came out in issue 103 (April 05), and the promo DVD of the trip was sent to shops shortly after, Danijel soon became known as the "stylish Swedish guy with massive pop", a reputation that only grew with the release of "Once Upon a Time" in late 2005, and more recently, "Wolfstadt", which was finally put on sale last month.

And "Wolfstadt" is the reason that you are reading this today! As some of you will already know, over on we've started running web-exclusive weekly interviews, as well as constantly updated news, video clips and photo gallery, exclusive features and archived mag content. If you head over to the Interviews section on now, you'll be able to catch the second of our Online Silverscreen articles, where The Harmonys Adam Mondon and David Dixon give us the lowdown on "Wolfstadt". Whilst you're there, be sure to read our chat with Concrete Poets mastermind, Henry Edwards-Wood, about his latest release Writers Block."


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