Thursday, October 19, 2006

Getting busy with fizzy...

Word Hobos,

Here it is, the scoop, the goss, the skinny....The Harmony never sleeps thats the truth, we just don't talk that loud, thats all.

New series of Artist inspired boards, which sees the majestic legs of one Danijel 'Jugga Bolts' Todorovic becoming our latest rider to have his beautifully long name on a Harmony skateboard.

Danijel's graphic was made by none other than the metal engourged head of Richard 'French' Sayer, Paul 'I bend my legs now' Silvester's was created with much deliberation by our friend and yours Sam Barrett, and well I had to get in there somehow, self obsessed ego dick I am, with Joe Gavin's 'Sinners Repent' Model. ( Click on the pic above and it will show it bigger like. )

Also available for your fragile bones are Tee's including the 'All our heroes' tee which in someways you all contributed too, but mainly its an insight into the riders and friends favourites, I thought we should celebrate the people that keep us focused and on track.

Anyway start hassling your local shops.....Get them while there hot.


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